flaws in the system

We believe that health education and business wellness are fundamentally flawed. Here are some hard facts from the CDC:

1. More than one-third of Americans are obese, costing the United States over $147 billion per year in medical expenses.

2. Studies reveal that 42 percent of American adults say they aren’t doing enough to manage their stress, 20 percent say they never do any activities to relieve or manage their stress, and one in five say they have no one to rely on for emotional support.

3. One in three working Americans is chronically stressed on the job, and fewer than half say their organizations support employee well-being.

Our manifesto

If there’s a word that can describe what we stand for then it’s Bodhisattva. In Buddhism, there are those that can become enlightened beings through pure pleasure and do it in solitude away from the rest of the world but then there are those who can do just the same but choose not to. These people are called the Bodhisattva and they choose to commit themselves to ease the suffering of the world. They choose to take their learnings and go back to the every day world and play in the game of the material world.

A scholar tries to learn something everyday; a student of Buddhism tries to unlearn something daily.
— Alan Watts

The world has been set up for us to fail. We live in a world with more access than ever before; however, there are also toxins in our food and environment that create stress signals in our bodies and put us in a constant state of “fight or flight”. This tends to effect entrepreneurs the most, who are the people that are the greatest catalysts for change. Our education system has failed us and have not been taught the proper tools to manage our physiology, reduce stress, and free ourselves of DisEase and sickness in this time of great change. Knowing this, 10xPRB is on a mission to end human disease and suffering by bringing conscious entrepreneurs together to make the world healthier, wealthier, and wiser.

We believe that Health is the first pillar to creating lasting change and alleviating the suffering of the world. The second pillar is Wealth - wealth creation is important because money is a measurement for someone’s impact and flow so therefore all of our products will help people earn more money, gain back more time, and create the businesses of their dreams. The third pillar we focus on is Applied Knowledge - all of our products will focus on educating the masses so that we can build a healthier, wealthier, and wiser world for all.

In order for us to achieve our mission, we must raise the collective consciousness by bringing conscious entrepreneurs together. We have seen that when people are conscious, they take care of their bodies and are fully present in their bodies. When people are fully present in their bodies, they’ll be able to make better decisions not only for themselves but for the rest of humanity. This is our Mission and Manifesto at 10xPRB and we looking forward to you joining us in making the world healthier, wealthier, and wiser.

Our core values

  1. Health is the foundation of wealth. Your body is the foundation upon which everything in the material dimension is built. We must treat our bodies with respect while pursuing our dreams.

  2. Knowledge isn’t power. Applied knowledge is power.

  3. Life is a giant video game and we are here to achieve anything we want and write the chapters of our story.

  4. Community is everything. We value people and understand that everyone is on their own personal Hero’s Journey.

Our vision

10xPRB.com gives entrepreneurs superpowers. Our philosophy is: If we want better outputs—to have more energy and focus, to be free of disease, to have a better memory, to perform optimally in business and athletics—then let’s tweak the things we put into our body, mind, and environment to stack the deck in our favor. That is what it means to “biohack” your body and mind for success.

Our vision is to live in a world where every entrepreneur has the tools to perform like a professional athlete at work and in life.


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