a revolutionary 6 week biohacking system

10xPRB.com gives entrepreneurs superpowers. Our philosophy is: If we want better outputs—to have more energy and focus, to be free of disease, to have a better memory, to perform optimally in business and athletics—then let’s tweak the things we put into our body, mind, and environment to stack the deck in our favor. That is what it means to “biohack” your body and mind for success.


We help stressed out entrepreneurs

In the world today, 99% of entrepreneurs are exhausted, stressed out, easily distracted, working harder and harder with little to show, and looking and feeling significantly older as they age.


Become 10x productive and resistant to burnout

Only 1% of entrepreneurs can deliver back to back wins, move at the speed of light, and build the life of their dreams. 10xPRB stands for 10x Productivity and Resistant to Burnout. We’ll help you create automated wellness systems to work smarter, think faster, and focus longer.


If you want a wellness system that actually impacts your bottom line and dramatically improves your ability to make decisions then 10xPRB is for you. This is hands down the best investment I’ve made in myself and in my career all year.
— Jeremy Meyer, CTO of Stealth FinTech Startup


10xPRB.com provides you everything you need to develop the energy, focus, and determination to build the life of your dreams. You’ll learn everything you need to reduce stress, get rid of brain fog, and reach your goals faster than ever before.


Overwhelmed at the thought of achieving peak performance? Our program is made for busy entrepreneurs that don’t have a time to put together the best practices.

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Learn how to rewire your brain, eliminate self doubt, and turn your body and mind into a high performing machine. Discover who you are and create a vision of yourself for the future.

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It’s difficult to make the changes you need in your life without the right community. Our 10xPRB tribe will be here to hold you accountable no matter where you are.

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We understand that there’s questions that will come up. You’ll get access to our network of experts, private Facebook group, weekly Coaching Calls, and 24/7 support.


 You’ll learn

We teach the entire paradigm of holistic health and human performance. We’ll give you the foundation and systems you need to hit that next level of performance.



Learn about the mitochondria in your body and how they effect your energy production at a cellular level. Understand how to increase your body’s energy production using first principles.


Learn how to enhance and regrow neurons so that you can think faster and improve your cognitive abilities. Learn how to get out of “fight or flight” physiologically and eliminate brain fog.


Focus on healing the gut microbiome and cultivate the right living organisms for maximum energy production and nutrient absorption. Understand the gut-brain connection and how to optimize your body’s systems.



Learn how to use food as fuel to increase your body’s energy production. Learn what foods to avoid and which foods will lower stress and inflammation.


Build routines for the best restorative and supportive supplementation and nootropics that enhance your mitochondria and neurons.


Learn how restricting food intake for short periods of time will allow you to achieve a physical, mental, or spiritual outcomes. Learn how to introduce proper hormesis and benefit from autophagy.



Learn how to hack your sleep to get high-quality, restorative sleep so that you can improve your brain function, boost longevity, and balance your hormones.


Learn how to move your move and work your body in the right way to increase cognitive function, increase energy levels, and decrease stress.


Reset your digestion by removing old fecal matter and waste from the colon. Learn how the fundamentals of detox.



Learn about light, sound, and smell and how certain things in your environment can set you up for success or break you down. Understand the basics of epigenetics and how to hack your environment.


Learn how to manage your life, systemize everything, optimize for efficiency, and leverage technology to free up more time. Build routines for your life and business that optimizes for energy production and output.


Learn how to think clearly, solve problems quickly, and see ten moves ahead with precision so that you can set each day up for high energy success.


WHo’s this for

10xPRB is for anyone that wants to have a high performing body and mind that can help them overcome any physical, emotional, and mental stress that comes up while they build the life and business of their dreams.


High Performers

This class is for high performers that want more out of life. You are busy and don’t have the time to research and put together the “best practices” in you life. 10xPRB will give you the extra edge and competitive advantage that you’re looking for while saving you time in the process.


Chronically Stressed and Sick

This class is made for people who have let their health slip while running their business. You are tired, exhausted, highly stressed, and close to burning out. This may show up in physical symptoms of illness. 10xPRB will help you reset your body and minds so that you can create the foundation to eliminate stress and burnout.


 Become superhuman on your own terms

You can become superhuman anytime, anywhere, and whatever way that best fits you.

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Online bootcamp platform

Learn using videos that are recorded in stunning 1080p HD, listen to MP3 audio recordings, and read our course text transcripts. Access your bootcamp online using any desktop or mobile device, anywhere around the world, and anytime you like.


use our planning system and workbooks

You’ll receive access to our 10xPRB Planner and online systems to track your productivity and energy levels.


engaged tribe to hold you accountable

Join a high performing community of entrepreneurs who share your outlooks in life and can challenge you and help you stay accountable to your business and life goals. Don’t get stuck with “normal people” who won’t understand. Get inspired and join the fun!


expert coaches available to help you be your best

Get mentored by some of the best biohacking coaches out there who’ll be there to help you execute on what you learn from the course. The 10xPRB System includes weekly coaching calls, recordings, expert and student interviews, live streams, peer to peer feedback, and 24/7 support all year round.


live in person retreats

You’ll get early access to live in person retreats twice a year. We host them at the best locations to help you sit back, reprioritize, plan, and connect with people who are on your same wavelength.


 Hear what customers are saying

These are some of the reasons why our customers are choosing to work with us.


Libby Schwab, Life Coach

“I want to be the best I can be. I want to achieve my maximum health mentally and physically so I can show up as my best in the world for myself and others.”


Bruno Faviaro, Founder & COO of Synapse Technology

“I like a good way to get to a healthier and have a more sustainable lifestyle”

Jeremy Meyer, Founder & CTO of Stealth Fin Tech Startup

“I want to level up myself to keep working this hard or harder while reducing stress, being healthier, and more effective, productive, and intelligent.”